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About Kc


Kc Parlee - Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

Kc Parlee is a graphic designer and visual artist who embraces a unique approach to every project. From a young age, she displayed a passion for creativity. Unfortunately for her parents, her enthusiasm included some impromptu artwork on their new truck with a rock. Raised in the resourceful environment of her family’s small sign and design business, Kc subconsciously instilled prevalent design practices early on.


Kc has continued to develop her artistic skills through formal education, earning diplomas in both Photography and Graphic Design from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Upon completing her studies, she founded her own design business, Mellow Sunday Designs. While running Mellow Sunday with the “help” of her cat, Kc maintains working alongside her family at their sign shop and collaborating with local businesses to meet their diverse design needs.

Behind the Scenes


Found working beside Kc often is her adored cat, Mani [maw-nee], who unintentionally inspires much of her illustrations. The result: a lot of cat drawings. Mani likes to help Kc by sleeping on her keyboard at inconvenient times and reminding her to take breaks.

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